She turned around. He was there. Standing right in front of her. She didn’t move. She couldn’t. He’s been gone for months. Without a word, without communication at all. He just left, disappeared without saying anything.

She stared at him, she can’t help myself. That moment she felt like she wants to run to him, throw her arms around him and just say three words, “I missed you.” Her heartbeat went faster. It’s like she could feel it escaping from her chest. He was there, in front of her. But she can’t move.

He wasn’t saying anything, just looking at her direction. Those glasses, those eyes, his hair that she used to play with, his hand that wanted to hold hers but she rejected for once, those feet that walked for a distance just to see her – that boy, him. Memories. Him – whom she trusted her whole life with, who rejected her a lot of times, who chose not to speak to her for a very long time; he who is still causing her so much pain until that moment – but she still loves. She wanted to go near him if she could just move one foot.

He placed his hands inside his pocket. He took one step. Backward. She tried to open her mouth, but no word came out. She just couldn’t speak to him. She was left standing there. For a long time, she has been waiting for that one perfect moment. But all she could do was watch as he walked away.

Author: Jam Ibay

Proud Filipino who moved to New York to be with the love of my life, Gerald. Now navigating through the huge changes in my life.

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