Hello, everyone!

My name is Mara Jacinta Ibay (-Duarte), but my friends call me Jam. I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I am a city girl who finds joy in escaping to nearby beaches every once in a while. I worked in the advertising industry for a few years as a Producer and Production Designer. 

When I am not busy adulting, I am always looking for small adventures since I get bored really easily – the person who gets drunk on exhibit launches, or hops on a bus on a random day and travels six hours just to spend an hour at the beach – and I always take my friends with me. You know, whoever is up for it.

This year, I may have gotten too far — as far as New York City to be with my love, Gerald. And since I just changed last names and zip codes and am currently adjusting to the new life in the big apple, I’m hitting pause on adulting and focusing on settling down. 

I opened this blog initially because I wanted to have an outlet for all my thoughts and experiences,  somewhat an extension of myself. I will be writing about the things that I am passionate about – be it my relationship, my love for food and travel, my past and future work and career, or my never ending quest to find a piece of home in a foreign land. You can expect honesty and reality here.

Hope you have fun reading!


Send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

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